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Handbook Of Winning Poker

Handbook Of Winning PokerHandbook of Winning Poker
by Edwin Silberstang
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Our Price: $9.95

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A renowned gambling authority presents a clear and effective tutorial on poker and its many variations, describing how to take control in any situation, how to study the opposition, when to fold, the importance of maintaining a winning attitude, how to use money as a psychological weapon, and more. 15 tables. 25 charts.

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American Mensa Guide to Casino GamblingAmerican Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling (Paperback)
Retail Price: $17.95  Our Price: $13.37
Here's the inside line on the games and bets that give the best advantage. Beat the bank by understanding odds and probability, "the house edge," money management, and the psychology of gambling.
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Product CoverCasino Gambling (Paperback)
Retail Price: $13.95  Our Price: $11.16
Packed with new, updated material, this first major revision of a backlist classic gives the basics to beginners and an edge to the experts.
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